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Demonology by Choco-Doodle
Shardris has a lot've magical power in that body of his.

Shard 'n artz are both mine.
Boss Man by Choco-Doodle
Boss Man
Ira Wrath (yes, a physical embodiment of the deadly sin), Head of the Granite Police Department, sits down to enjoy a relaxing cigar in his office.

Full body commission for :iconchippo2094:

Hope you like it, and thanks for commissioning me!

Ira Wrath is mine.
Art is mine.
Behind Blue Eyes by Choco-Doodle
Behind Blue Eyes
Some of you might remember following the story of Death Knight Raeyn, back when WoW was a thing I did regularly.

He was a Blood Elf loyal to a Forsaken warlock named Klesa who had taken him under her wing and treated him much like his own son. Unfortunately, Klesa submitted to the Call of the Lich King and soon after forfeited her soul; her body becoming a vessel for a long-dead lich. 
This Lich, Merikh, delighted in Raeyn's loyalty, pushing him far enough to murder innocents and raise them as undead puppets of the Scourge. Despising this treatment, eventually Raeyn rebelled -- and was struck down by the very hand that had been offered to him in kindness all those years ago.
Merikh reanimated him as a Death Knight and though Raeyn's loyalty was now forced, he vowed to end the lich. This was his purpose, his sole reason for being. He numbed himself to the terrible crimes he committed whilst under Merikh's rule and did as asked. But he plotted.

Though he had betrayed his friends prior, he frequently met with them and offered cryptic messages to aid in their campaign against Merikh. Because of him, and other double-agents within Merikh's ranks, the lich was eventually defeated.

With his purpose fulfilled, Raeyn turns his runeblade on himself and takes his own life. Too many innocents perished by his hand, too many tortured souls trapped and used... He had nothing left to continue on for, his guilt was too big a burden.

In the throes of true death, he smiles for the first time in a long time.

Finally... Now he can find peace...

Raeyn and art (c) Me
World of Warcraft (c) Blizzard
We're really struggling at home and I need to magic money out of thin air. Please reply here or note me if interested.
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KD / Pod
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